Top 10 Sexting Tips for Beginners

At the beginning of any relationship, there is the urge to communicate often. Through such chats, you are able to tell how compatible you are with one other. One avenue for exploring your desires and compatibilities is through sexting. Here even seemingly innocent and shy babes will deliver unbelievable sext messages.

Even if you are not a pro with flirty or sex texts, you can still make it out. Here are some advice tips for beginners;

  1. Your partner must be trustworthy

An adult chat will definitely involve sharing of personal secrets and sexting pics. Before you begin revealing such secrets to as second party, confirm his trustworthiness. Consequently you shouldn’t let out your, secrets to someone you just met recently from a sexting site or Tinder.

  1. Be brave to initiate the chat

If you have a crush on someone do something about it; initiate the chat. Sexting is a game, take the risk, she could be waiting for your signal. But for those who have long term trusted friends, you stand a better chance. Through the adult chat platforms you could learn a secret which she has been with holding for so long from you.

  1. Be careful with your choice of words

In conveying your sexting ideas, choose carefully your words. Don’t be so vulgar or blunt in your messages, unless you are sure your partner enjoys them. For a smooth conversation, come up with your own coded language for words which could be too offensive to pronounce. Your conversation can then sink deeper into things you could never talk about openly. Keep off from using the autocorrect functionality.

  1. 4.   Before taking your pictures, take note of your background

A picture which could otherwise be sexy when taken on a wrong background loses taste. Particularly stay away from taking your “selfies” in the toilet, kitchen or storeroom. The ideal place could be a dimly lit bedroom.

  1. Use a sexting app

Don’t plunge blindly into exchanging your personal photos. Be secure with your images through snapchat sexting app. With such apps, any person who wishes to view your photos would have input a pass word. Moreover at the expiry of a predetermined period, the image will then self destruct.

  1. Inject some humor into your conversation

When talking about some uncomfortable moves, put in some wits, let it feel natural. It gives your partner the ease to converse on delicate topics under the pretext of a practical joke. Remember sexting should be pleasurable and not tensing.

  1. Don’t send full nude pictures

When looking for the best sexting pics to send to your boyfriend, don’t use full nude images. You can strategically position your hands over your tits, taking a side view of your boobs or even throw a towel around your waist. Moreover by so doing you will by drawing attention to just where it’s needed most. But above all never include your identity in the image.

  1. Switch off the read receipts

With the read receipt feature switched off, your partner will be left in the dark whether you have read the message or not. You can then have all the minutes to craft a seductive response. Moreover he’ll be glued to the screen waiting for the response.

  1. Keep the best for the last

To be a professional in this art, you don’t have to unleash all your sexting messages in a day. In fact you should be quite unpredictable. Drop her two or three timely sexy messages in a day. Too many messages will make the chat boring. For example it could be wise to say good night or wake her up with one naughty text not more. End your adult chat with your most sexy message. Believe me; she’ll be looking forward to the next sex chat!

  1. Never chase someone with your texts

After exchanging messages with someone for a while, check on his interests. If she doesn’t have the heart for you move on. Go fish elsewhere. Never force someone’s interests on you.

6 Reasons to Start Sexting Now

Sexting is not only for teens but for every adult. In fact, recent surveys suggest that it is even important for those in steady relationships. It’s a vital element that will spice up and hence give you a refreshing sex life. This practice like all arts, however, has to be practiced and perfected.

Married and dating partners would wish to be together all the time. However, some professions like the military would put you away from your loved one most of the times. The result is boring, lonely and cold beds. But with the current technological advancement, online sexting puts you more close even though physically apart.

The following are more reason why you should sext in your love relationship;

  1.  A better way to discover your sexual fantasies

We all have sexual desires. When your partner understands your sexual desires, you stand a better chance of achieving satisfaction in your relationship. However, some people find it uncomfortable in revealing their sexual fantasies. Therefore sexting app becomes ideal for such partners.

With the ease of internet access through smart phones, such individuals can express even their wildest sexual dreams by online sexting. The exchange of erotic text lets you learn the deepest secrets about your boyfriend or girlfriend.


  1.    For bonding relationships

The onset of new relationships is marked by frequent communication. A phone call and chat will make the heart throb with joy. When the communication deepens and becomes erotic, a bond is forged. Exchanging sexy texts and images binds couples together. The fact that you can share freely your innermost secrets with your boyfriend means you are really tight together.

On the other hand, when distance separates you from your woman, online sexting will make you feel less lonely. Through chatting you can still connect emotionally and feel her presence.


  1.   Helps in building up sexual anxieties

Physical separation denies couples the cherished sexual intimacy. However while separated for a while, you can build up the sexual anxieties by exchanging sexy messages. At the end of the day, before falling asleep you will crave for your girlfriend. The best thing to do then is to express those desires into text and sexting emoji.

Make chat so intense every night such that your partner will be longing for the actual thing. The sexual tension will be so high that you will be looking forward to your meeting.


  1.  Makes you believe you are special and desirable

Every person would want to feel cherished. It makes us all glow and face life with more confidence than before. That’s exactly what sexy chats do to partners. To have the person you love tell you what he likes about you and consequently what he plans to do to you, will make you glow with joy. It’s a revelation of the space you occupy in his or her heart. When partners sext, they both feel prized and wanted.


  1.  It’s an exciting pre foreplay activity

Perhaps you are looking forward to a hot late date? Chances are high that the young lady is secretly wishing to be given a treat or a thrust like never before. Then what could be the best way to prepare and put each other into the right moods other than sex chat?

Remember foreplay does wonders especially to women. By exchanging erotic texts and pictures you can prepare your man to deliver a matchless performance. It’s an essential foreplay if the partners are to achieve mutual satisfaction.


  1.  Igniting a dying fire

Most relationships begin with high excitement. At this period, there are so many thrilling explorations. However, everything eventually cools down. At this moment, you need to ignite the dying fire. Sexting can turn the dull relationship into an exciting one.

It doesn’t hurt to give it a try. It can give a spark to your love life. Through this chatting, you can tell your spouse your intimate desires or positions that you wish to try out. No more shame!