Top 10 Sexting Tips for Beginners

At the beginning of any relationship, there is the urge to communicate often. Through such chats, you are able to tell how compatible you are with one other. One avenue for exploring your desires and compatibilities is through sexting. Here even seemingly innocent and shy babes will deliver unbelievable sext messages.

Even if you are not a pro with flirty or sex texts, you can still make it out. Here are some advice tips for beginners;

  1. Your partner must be trustworthy

An adult chat will definitely involve sharing of personal secrets and sexting pics. Before you begin revealing such secrets to as second party, confirm his trustworthiness. Consequently you shouldn’t let out your, secrets to someone you just met recently from a sexting site or Tinder.

  1. Be brave to initiate the chat

If you have a crush on someone do something about it; initiate the chat. Sexting is a game, take the risk, she could be waiting for your signal. But for those who have long term trusted friends, you stand a better chance. Through the adult chat platforms you could learn a secret which she has been with holding for so long from you.

  1. Be careful with your choice of words

In conveying your sexting ideas, choose carefully your words. Don’t be so vulgar or blunt in your messages, unless you are sure your partner enjoys them. For a smooth conversation, come up with your own coded language for words which could be too offensive to pronounce. Your conversation can then sink deeper into things you could never talk about openly. Keep off from using the autocorrect functionality.

  1. 4.   Before taking your pictures, take note of your background

A picture which could otherwise be sexy when taken on a wrong background loses taste. Particularly stay away from taking your “selfies” in the toilet, kitchen or storeroom. The ideal place could be a dimly lit bedroom.

  1. Use a sexting app

Don’t plunge blindly into exchanging your personal photos. Be secure with your images through snapchat sexting app. With such apps, any person who wishes to view your photos would have input a pass word. Moreover at the expiry of a predetermined period, the image will then self destruct.

  1. Inject some humor into your conversation

When talking about some uncomfortable moves, put in some wits, let it feel natural. It gives your partner the ease to converse on delicate topics under the pretext of a practical joke. Remember sexting should be pleasurable and not tensing.

  1. Don’t send full nude pictures

When looking for the best sexting pics to send to your boyfriend, don’t use full nude images. You can strategically position your hands over your tits, taking a side view of your boobs or even throw a towel around your waist. Moreover by so doing you will by drawing attention to just where it’s needed most. But above all never include your identity in the image.

  1. Switch off the read receipts

With the read receipt feature switched off, your partner will be left in the dark whether you have read the message or not. You can then have all the minutes to craft a seductive response. Moreover he’ll be glued to the screen waiting for the response.

  1. Keep the best for the last

To be a professional in this art, you don’t have to unleash all your sexting messages in a day. In fact you should be quite unpredictable. Drop her two or three timely sexy messages in a day. Too many messages will make the chat boring. For example it could be wise to say good night or wake her up with one naughty text not more. End your adult chat with your most sexy message. Believe me; she’ll be looking forward to the next sex chat!

  1. Never chase someone with your texts

After exchanging messages with someone for a while, check on his interests. If she doesn’t have the heart for you move on. Go fish elsewhere. Never force someone’s interests on you.

When Sexting Goes Wrong and How to Come Over It

Receiving uncomfortable sexting messages?

Exchanging sexting messages is only cool if both parties enjoy the practice. Therefore it is wise to sext someone you are acquainted with. However, there comes a time when you wish someone stops stalking you. The annoying messages could be coming from a stranger, ex-partner, co worker or authoritative figure.

The situation can, however, be made delicate if you want the person to refrain from sending such messages while you still hold onto your friendship.

Here are a few tricks of how to stop sexting messages:

  1. Open up on your true fillings

Your sexting partner might not be aware that the messages are offending you. For example, it could be a new man trying to woo you. Just like he has been honest with his feelings towards you reply back honestly. If you are into another relationship state it. If the messages are offensive to you say it. Keeping quiet will only encourage him to continue sending the offensive messages.

  1. If from a friend, change into a more comfortable topic

This is especially helpful if your partner is the one sending the sexting pics or sex texts. It is a good way to close on the sensitive subject yet not offend him or her. Why not change the direction of the conversation to a less sexy topic.

  1. If the text is from a stranger or ex, block the number

Don’t bother to dig dipper about the stranger simply block his number. Probably the stranger could be sending young nude pictures to stir problems in your relationship. Engaging in a conversation with him may give him a reason to go on. A stranger sexting you a dick picture it’s like someone forcing himself to be intimate with you.

If he is your ex-boyfriend, then blocks his number and by extension block him also from your social media pages.

Have you ever sexted the wrong party?

Was it a personal photo or a naughty text? This is one of the most horrible mistakes to commit while sending sexting messages to your girlfriend. It leaves you feeling embarrassed or guilty.

So how do you get over it?

Pause and take a break

A message sent to the wrong person can’t be retrieved back. The worst mistake is to follow with a series of messages explaining you mistake. Chances are the wrong party has erased your message and wants to forget about the stray text.

If he/she doesn’t reply in about an hour then forget about it

Apologize and move on

Don’t send a lengthy apology; it will only propagate the awkwardness of the situation. Make it precise. For example, you can say; I apologize that wasn’t meant for you. Or I’m sorry; I intended to channel it to my boyfriend.

Clear it with a phone call

Immediately after realizing you have made the mistake, clear it out through a phone call. Explaining it to that person before makes up his mind on who you are. Don’t wait for his reaction.

Inform everybody your phone has been stolen

In case the contents of the stray sex text were so serious that it makes you extremely nervous, pretend your phone was stolen. Borrow a cell phone from a friend. Post the message on your social media account. You then won’t be blamed for the stray sexting pics or texts.

You don’t have to be downhearted for long just because of a stray picture. To help you get over such a situation, own the mistake, apologize and move on. It’s the wise thing to do. However, it should act as a lesson so that you exercise carefulness next time.


How Sexting Can Benefit Married Couples

Sexting, the practice of sending and receiving sexually suggestive texts and images is common even among married people. Although in the normal circumstances, many couples take the practice to be very evil, recent survey differs with this general opinion. Husband and wives who engage in sex chat, within their marriage, do actually reap significant benefits.

Married partners who decide to exchange sexting messages stand to gain and therefore enrich their relationship in the following ways;

  1. Establishing strong sexual connection

To most couples broaching the sex-subject becomes very difficult. Some are too shy and others fear how their partners will react. In such a case neither the wife nor the husband will open up to give suggestion to improve a boring sex life.

Technology comes to the rescue of such individuals. Discussing the delicate topic becomes easier by sending a sext text. A wife can then easily suggest to the husband her fantasies, for example, new sexual tricks and positions she finds pleasurable by different sexting ideas. Hence achieving a strong sexual connection becomes easier for couples.

Couples who have a stronger sexual connection do feel emotionally intimate. This helps them to live a stress-free life.

  1. Boosting your self-esteem

Through Smartphone a wife finds it easier to share personal photos with the husband. By using sexting pics, such a couple will uncover the secrets of their sex lives. For examples knowing the specific parts of your body that your partner adores, that turns her him on instantly. Realizing that your wife still finds you sexually attractive and still think of you will boost your self-esteem.

  1. Brings man and wife closer

Sexting allows partners to exchange personal photos, special codes, and signs to deliver sexually stimulating messages. By so doing they form a unique way of communication, unknown to others. It is these unique sexting ideas and language that helps forge a stronger bond.

At the same time when far apart, exchanging the flirty and naughty texts helps keeps a relationship alive. During such times you can explore the good times you were together and make them fresh into the mind. You will be able to share with your partner the erotic photos and images you took together. It’s the best way of planting your image in his mind. Moreover, helps you go over the lonely and cold beds by then.

  1. Rekindling your initial sex life feeling

Before settling down for marriage every couple goes through the dating period. At the beginning of a relationship usually, there is lot chemistry between the partners. During this blissful phase of the relationship, sexual activity is at its peak. Sexting enables a couple to bring back the lost feelings.

By revisiting the flirty and sexy texts exchanged at the beginning of the relationship, a couple is able to rekindle love back into their marriage.

  1. A more productive and happy spouse

An erotic and free flirty conversation with your spouse is very healthy. Through such conversation, you are able to reach out to your sexual; fantasies. At the same time, it helps a couple cultivate the feeling of being import and desirable sexually to each other. This leads to great sex life. Your husband will also reciprocate by helping you accomplish the home chores and fix more outing in your calendar.

In our homes, there are challenging tasks. From morning to evening you have a busy schedule. However, through snapchat sexting, you can share out and put a smile on his face. He’ll think of you at his place of work. Let him know you are thinking of him. It’s a great way of hinting to your spouse to prepare for a great time between the sheets. Give him a reason to look forward to coming home.

5 Ways to Start a Sexting Conversation with your Boyfriend

Sexting is thrilling. Exploring the fantasies and teases makes the practice exhilarating. However what if you have no clues on how to set off or drift a normal conversation into an adult chat? Perhaps you have waited for your boyfriend to begin a sexy conversation for too long. You have some desires you would wish to ask in a playful tone and watch his response?

Find below tips and sexting examples that will help you:

  1. Be brave and take the lead

Igniting a sex chat might be tricky. First, you may lack the confidence or you aren’t sure of how your man might react. However, the first step involves choosing the right moment when you are in the right mood and actually feel an urge to be with him. Any man would feel overwhelmed with excitement knowing his girlfriend finds him desirable or sexy. A motivation will give you the creativity to compose texts to turn him on in minutes. Simply express your desire for him and watch his reply.

You can say something like

I’m craving for something right now….and it’s you between my thighs!

I love it when you make me scream like an animal!

  1. Set the right mood for the conversation

For the initial moment, don’t open all at once, bluntly about your desires. However strong your desires are, refrain from doing so. You first have to bring him into the mood for such a sexy conversation. For example, you are all alone in bed late at night. Your mind wonders off to the first time you got laid by him. Send him a text like;

Since what you did to me that first time……I can’t get you off my mind. Just the thought of it turns me on and……

I can’t get to sleep, all I can think about is last night…it makes me so sleepless

Such a text will take his mind of the excitement you shared. This then sets the mood for a kik sexting.

  1. Send him suggestive pictures accompanied by descriptive messages

By default, men are turned on pretty fast by visuals. The best sexting messages to send to your boyfriend, that’s a definite turn on should involve some sexting pics. Assuming you had given him a good treat the last night, he’ll be looking forward to the next blow job.

Get a shot of your boob’s cleavage and send it to him with the following texts;

All this awaits you tonight dear!

Do what you want with them…they are all yours tonight….

Alternatively, you can send him your picture, with your thighs slightly uncovered. A better idea is shot of you starting to undress. Spice up the picture with the following texts;

Why don’t you come over and we’ll………

You want to see more of this..… Come over

See am all getting ready for ….will you come?

Such messages will give him a hint that you are longing to be with him. He won’t easily turn down such an offer

  1. Play the Guess game

May be you have taken a shower and not yet dressed up. You want him to visualize you in this state; make him long for you. Why not a text like;

I’m just from the bathroom. I don’t know what panty to wear, which one would you prefer?

I’m on my way to your office…. If you can guess what I’m wearing beneath the skirt I’ll give it to you there ….

I’m making work easier for you tonight….guess what? I have nothing between my….

  1. Ask a bold, naughty question, statement or complement

You want his mind to go dirty with you? Here are a few sexting ideas that will do;

I was just wondering… how do you want me to serve you tonight?

If you find me spread up on your bed…. naked ……where would you touch me first?

Last night performance was matchless….. I’ve never done it like that before… when are we doing it again?


The above sexting ideas tell him that he can have his way with you. Which man wouldn’t be crazy about a woman opening up for him, absolutely loyal?

However, the above sexting examples are only a guide. What works for one couple may not work for the other. It’s all about understanding what turns on your man. Test the waters first if he is in the right mood before plunging into kik sexting. Remind him of some wonderful times you had together. Make him feel desired, and for sure he’ll feel like a king and reward in the most wonderful and thrusting way.