Top 8 Golden Rules of Sexting

Sexting involves sharing sexually charged messages between two persons. It reenergizes and glues back a dying relationship. Frankly, it’s very thrilling; But only when done correctly and with the right individual. With the increased Android phones, there are many sexting sites at our disposal.

However to save yourself the embarrassment associated with sexting you have to learn the ropes. There are rules to guide you into the practice. To perfect the game, you have to stick to the following rules;

  1. Begin on a light note

You have to start your adult chat on a light note, and then advance as the excitement deepens. It can be compared to a virtual foreplay. Let the tone and the mood of the conversation dictate your next move

  1. Don’t be too lengthy… it’s not a novel

Your partner doesn’t have all the time for reading lengthy text. As a general rule, make it precise and sweet. Short answers are ideal for adult chat. Moreover, by so doing you would hold even those with less attention span. For example, you can opt for sexting pictures and a few texts to deliver your erotic content. The shorter the text the less boring it will feel.

  1. Don’t include your face on the picture

However much you trust your partner, be careful with the pictures you exchange. They must not reveal your identity. For example, refrain from showing your face. What if your young nude pictures accidentally land on the wrong person and go viral on the internet? And it had your face? After all, it’s very easy to deny an allegation if it doesn’t bear your face or identity.

  1. Never store up your messages

Most if not all of the sext messages are very personal. Therefore you wouldn’t wish it lands in the wrong hands. You never know a friend might get a chance and go through your messages.

To further ensure your messages are safe, have a strong screen lock or password. Whenever your partner texts you and you are away, no one will access your private messages. But if you are lucky your Smartphone supports snap chat sexting, the better. Your pictures will then self-distract in seconds after viewing. This guarantees that your erotic picture won’t be posted on the net.

  1. Reply promptly

Your partner wouldn’t wish to be kept in suspense. Send a quick reply. It might even be a good idea to have sexting pics as back up. In case you are in a place where you can’t write a quick reply, the pictures will do.

Making prompt reply will ensure that you keep up with the mood of the conversation.

  1. Open up your fantasies

There could be some wild dreams you would wish to share with your partner but you aren’t sure of how he’ll react. The online platform gives you the courage to open up on such topics. They should be matters that really turn you hot or get you crazy.

You can even frame them into question form. For example: Would you mind this time if we…

  1. Be cautious while sexting multiple partners

Nothing worries like a sext message channeled to the wrong person. This is so likely to happen while you are chatting with more than one person. Consequently never sext while drunk. For example, how would you feel I you send a sexting emoji suggesting a dick picture to your boss?

  1. Better sext someone you have been intimate with

When you have been intimate with someone, then it means you have so much in common. You have unearthed each other’s personalities and interests. Having gone that extent means you can tell actually what turns off your partner, you will then know your boundaries.


When you have learned the dos and don’ts of sexting, then you will save your self a lot of embarrassments. You will go the extent with the art and reap huge benefits. Remember it’s all about exploring your fantasies and anticipations. However be cautious with new partners.

10 Sexting Tips for Women

Girls, What Guys Really Want you to Say in Sexts?

Sexting is an art that has to be mastered. It is a great tool for igniting the sparks in a relationship, more so long distance relationships. There is something that your boyfriend expects of you while you sext. These are the punch lines and how to express your mind in the right way, the precise way to turn him on.

To be skillful in sending the flirty messages, here are some tips to guide you while sexting your messages to your boyfriend:

  1. Don’t rush into sexting; first simple but sexy introductory sexting messages

Perhaps the two of you had met on a dating site and you were drawn to him due to his charming looks. You’ve got his contact but aren’t sure on how to sext him. If possible arrange for a physical meeting and develop some feelings. After the meeting and you feel something for him or have seen some signals that he’s also attracted to you, then it’s time to ignite that fire with just the right sexting messages.

To begin with be slow on the uptake. Use simple sexy introductory messages to build the sexual tension and create the anticipation in your conversation

  1. Describe and give example on what you intend to do to him in your next meeting

In your texts, pick out on the right adjectives then be detailed on your next course of action to him. For example, it could be phrases like, I can’t believe you made me moan like that or your words have made me very wet inside. Talk to him and explain how his actions or messages are doing magic on you.

  1. Be teasing in your text

During the day be teasing in your sex messages. For example, you can say I keep thinking of what you did to me last night or just the thought of you turns me on and ……still you can wrap yourself in a towel and send him that picture saying am all gearing up for your coming tonight

  1. Send him a short video porn clip of what you intend to do to him when he comes.

Choose your timing well and inspire him in advance with the video clip, saying… this is how am going to punish you today. Or it just a picture illustrating a new sex position to try out coupled with the message this is how am going to serve you today. It will do wonders to him

  1. A text talking about the sex dream you had

Let him wake up to your fantasy or dream like wish; I just saw you and me in my dream last night. I just dreamt of you last night and when I woke up I was all wet. Just the thought that you have been thinking of him and the dream is enough to turn him on.

  1. A text reflecting on the past sweet moment

Just highlight on some passionate moment you shared. It could be the sex you had in unexpected place or moment that turned out to be great. The sexting ideas could be numerous; perhaps how he caught you unexpectedly in the bathroom, the office or in the car when he had all dressed up and ready for work

  1. Use hanging texts

The best sexting messages to send your boyfriend would be one that requires him to fill in some gap or demands an answer. Such kind of texts will enable the flirting to continue since his reply would be called upon. For example, it could be a question like can you guess the color of my pant now?

  1. Revealing pictures

One of the best sexting pics to send to your boyfriend is those relating to your nudity. For instance, it could be the slightly revealed boobs or just you in one of his favorite lingerie. In the snaps make sure you have something to stir up his attention on the picture. It could be strategically positioned thighs or hands, which is hard to ignore. But if you suspect the pictures might leak out disguise your face or don’t take a full nudity snap.

  1. Sext him at key moments

Send out sexy messages or sexting emojis at special moments to your man. For instance, it could be when he is out in a meeting or relaxing with his friends.

  1. A night out plus great sex all planned out

Surprise him with a text informing him of the planned night out for the two of you, and choose his favorite café. Then explain how you are going to tie him to your bed and ravage him till morning. In his mind, he’ll think of the perfect plan all laid out and spiced up with a hot sex thereafter.

The particular sexting messages to send to your boyfriend should be the ones that leave him anticipating how it will be when you meet. The text should also create a feeling that you think and long for him, he’ll then even fake a reason at the workplace, just to create some time to be with you.