Pro Sexting Tips for Ladies

With the enhanced digital communication platform, many ladies find it easy to send sexy messages to their partners. However, you need to sharpen your sexting skills and actually know how to sext your man. Know how to send the right sexy messages, those that guarantee you instant result for free sex.

Before you start sending sexting messages to your boyfriend, learn the professional tips. Save yourself from being an embarrassment.

  1.   The time and place must be right

Your boyfriend will only be free to reply to your messages if your timing is right. Consequently, before you embark on serious chatting, dig out on his setting. Perhaps he is in a serious meeting that needs no distraction. Sending a stream of sexting messages to him in such a scenario will be a bother.

  1.  Coach him on what you want to see or read in his messages

Sexting is only enjoyable when both parties have got it right. It’s not only about how to please you man. Perhaps you aren’t enjoying his nude photos he has been sending you. May be he is too blunt with his messages or he only sexts you when he wants free sex. Don’t be quiet make him understand you.

  1. Major on your turn on, triggers

For relatively young relationships, the messages you exchange should help reveal your turn on. Concentrate mostly on the tricks and tips for making you horny. It’s all about preparing for the next meeting. By so doing your partner will reciprocate by unleashing his secrets also.

But if you have known his turn-on, come up with sexting ideas and scenarios with such ideas in mind. When you do this right you will enjoy a wonderful time when you do it practically in the bedroom.

  1.  Your sexting ideas should point to your goal

Before you start sending those flirty messages to your partner has your sext goals set right. Know what you would want to achieve. Your texts and pictures that follow next should point towards that direction. Do you want to get a bang soon? Say it with your sexting pics and texts. If want your man to be thrilled and hooked up to the conversation, then your sext text should create a picture of you wanting to meet him

Men are turned on quickly by visuals; If possible send him a glimpse of the “goodies” stored for him.

  1. Never fantasize on what you can’t do or deliver.

Simply because you don’t see him doesn’t give you the courage to talk about things you would never do, promises which you would never fulfill. Most likely your boyfriend knows your ability, likes and dislikes. The picture you paint about yourself with your messages should be as close possible to the reality of who you are. Never sext on something just for fun!

  1. Use descriptive texts

Words can help you paint the right picture without using confusing sexting emojis. Choose wisely your string of words to give the impression of your intention. How about something like;

I’m hungry and I can’t take it anymore. When I reach your place in the evening, I want you in something that’s easy to pull down, because I too I’m wearing none. I’m too horny to sleep or to concentrate on my work. I want you to pin me down on your bed and feel you deep inside me.

Qualities of a good Sexting Message

When you are choosing the sexting message to send to your boyfriend it should fit the following criteria;

  • Your message should take a good grip of his attention and keep it through out the sexting period.
  • It should trigger his thoughts towards you. He’ll be fascinated and for sure will anticipate your meeting
  • Your message should oblige him to reply back promptly.
  • Your messages to an extent should arouse him

The smart chic knows what she wants to achieve with her texts. From the onset of the texting, the messages will channel his mind to this goal. She will never be explicit about the goal but points towards it in her messages. He will be curious for more, meaning you have his attention. But before you start flirting with your boyfriend, get your timing right. Sext like a pro, do not be a clueless chic.