Top 10 Sexting Tips for Beginners

At the beginning of any relationship, there is the urge to communicate often. Through such chats, you are able to tell how compatible you are with one other. One avenue for exploring your desires and compatibilities is through sexting. Here even seemingly innocent and shy babes will deliver unbelievable sext messages.

Even if you are not a pro with flirty or sex texts, you can still make it out. Here are some advice tips for beginners;

  1. Your partner must be trustworthy

An adult chat will definitely involve sharing of personal secrets and sexting pics. Before you begin revealing such secrets to as second party, confirm his trustworthiness. Consequently you shouldn’t let out your, secrets to someone you just met recently from a sexting site or Tinder.

  1. Be brave to initiate the chat

If you have a crush on someone do something about it; initiate the chat. Sexting is a game, take the risk, she could be waiting for your signal. But for those who have long term trusted friends, you stand a better chance. Through the adult chat platforms you could learn a secret which she has been with holding for so long from you.

  1. Be careful with your choice of words

In conveying your sexting ideas, choose carefully your words. Don’t be so vulgar or blunt in your messages, unless you are sure your partner enjoys them. For a smooth conversation, come up with your own coded language for words which could be too offensive to pronounce. Your conversation can then sink deeper into things you could never talk about openly. Keep off from using the autocorrect functionality.

  1. 4.   Before taking your pictures, take note of your background

A picture which could otherwise be sexy when taken on a wrong background loses taste. Particularly stay away from taking your “selfies” in the toilet, kitchen or storeroom. The ideal place could be a dimly lit bedroom.

  1. Use a sexting app

Don’t plunge blindly into exchanging your personal photos. Be secure with your images through snapchat sexting app. With such apps, any person who wishes to view your photos would have input a pass word. Moreover at the expiry of a predetermined period, the image will then self destruct.

  1. Inject some humor into your conversation

When talking about some uncomfortable moves, put in some wits, let it feel natural. It gives your partner the ease to converse on delicate topics under the pretext of a practical joke. Remember sexting should be pleasurable and not tensing.

  1. Don’t send full nude pictures

When looking for the best sexting pics to send to your boyfriend, don’t use full nude images. You can strategically position your hands over your tits, taking a side view of your boobs or even throw a towel around your waist. Moreover by so doing you will by drawing attention to just where it’s needed most. But above all never include your identity in the image.

  1. Switch off the read receipts

With the read receipt feature switched off, your partner will be left in the dark whether you have read the message or not. You can then have all the minutes to craft a seductive response. Moreover he’ll be glued to the screen waiting for the response.

  1. Keep the best for the last

To be a professional in this art, you don’t have to unleash all your sexting messages in a day. In fact you should be quite unpredictable. Drop her two or three timely sexy messages in a day. Too many messages will make the chat boring. For example it could be wise to say good night or wake her up with one naughty text not more. End your adult chat with your most sexy message. Believe me; she’ll be looking forward to the next sex chat!

  1. Never chase someone with your texts

After exchanging messages with someone for a while, check on his interests. If she doesn’t have the heart for you move on. Go fish elsewhere. Never force someone’s interests on you.

Common Sexting Mistakes you Must Avoid


When two people are in love they can never lack what to talk about. Igniting a conversation becomes very easy. The two of you are just from a hot date and the chemistry is just up there. May be you have retired to bed but still think of your boyfriend. Sexting then becomes inevitable. Whether you are young or of age one; there are common things of interests to when you fall for someone. For example pictures of young naked girls are quite erotic.

Most people rush into sex chat. The fact that a girl has given you her number doesn’t guarantee you to sext her anything you wish. Most people who rush to sext their girlfriends or boy friends do make the following mistakes:

  1. Sending a sext message to married person or any one in another relationship

Sending of flirty or erotic messages to someone, who is in another relationship, is a big mistake. Soon the conversation may turn erotic or very personal. Why would you wish to receive images of young naked girls engaged in other relationships? Such communication endangers even stable relationships.

  1. Sexting while intoxicated

Chatting while drunk, top the list of common mistakes made by partners in adult chat. While intoxicated you aren’t in complete control of your mind. You might end up composing weird texts. Such messages might be so funny that your partner might be tempted to post them on her social page. Intoxication might sway the healthy sex chat to horrible regrettable mistakes.

  1. Hitting the send button without double checking

You could be dying to chat with this new girl. Alternatively, you could in a haste to reply to her message that you forget to double check your content or recipient. For example in your haste to send the message to “Mary” it might end up to “Mum.” Take an extra second to spell check your message.

  1. Incorporating too many sexting emoji and compliments

You have to learn to distinguish between the genuine compliment and exceeding flattery. For example, you might have met a girl and haven’t known her deeply. If you then start to flatter her with too many compliments in the name of great sexting messages, you will surely lose your beautiful lady. On the other hand accompanying your text with a sexting emoji isn’t a bad idea. However, over stuffing spoils the broth of your text or might lead to the misinterpretation of your message

  1. Showering her with texts or pleading for a response

You have composed what you think is a great flirty message. You have even included some sexting pics to deliver your message. But when you send it to your girlfriend, you get no response. You decide to follow with a second message. Still, you receive no feedback. Should you send another text? Certainly no! She is silent for a reason. Flooding her phone with more messages won’t guarantee you any response. Wait for her response and don’t beg for it. It will help you determine whether she is interested in a chat or not.

  1. Sexting someone you haven’t gone to bed with or you barely know

Ideally, exchanging erotic messages should be between those who have been intimate and find great pleasure in each other. Such couples have known each other’s sexual desires and fetishes. Armed with such knowledge, they, therefore, have a wealth of sexting ideas to explore.

When you barely know each other, you can’t tell what turns your partner off or on. You are bound to piss her off in the name of teasing her.

  1. Chatting with an enemy or someone you don’t trust

Adult chatting involves the exchange of flirty messages and personal photos. For this reason, never engage in a steamy erotic chat with a stranger. Suppose your communication was not through a snapchat sexting? Your enemy can use your personal photos against you; blackmailing you or sending it around the social network.


The above mistakes can ruin even the most promising relationship. It might also deter you from forging meaningful relationships later in life. Choose your sexting partner prudently.